Ask Anne Louise

I have years of experience as a

  • daughter to 2, sister to 6, sister-in-law to 8 or 9,
  • mom of 3, wicked stepmom of 2 (which adds up to about 17)
  • wife, ex-wife, mutual mom
  • maker of killer quesadillas, writer of killer checks
  • friend, teacher, writer, and scramble addict – don’t judge me!
  • pet owner, plant owner/destroyer, gardener, and beginning composter

If you have questions about life, people, possums, or test data, I will try to help.

Post your question, and let me know if you want

  • My response
  • My response as well as responses from other “ask anne louise” readers
  • My response and my mother’s critique of my response

(I have her on retainer so that I have some measure of control over the frequency of her input)

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